Potato Vermicelli

  • Wholesale Chinese Traditional Potato Vermicelli

    Wholesale Chinese Traditional Potato Vermicelli

    Potato Vermicelli is one of Chinese traditional cuisine and made of high-quality potato, purified water, refined by high-tech production equipment and strict quality management. Luxin Food was established in 2003, inheriting traditional skills and handmade. We supply customers with potato vermicelli at favorable Wholesale prices. Potato Vermicelli is crystal clear, flexible, strong in cooking, and delicious. The texture is flexible, and the taste is chewy. We have two varieties for potato vermicelli. One is common and curly, and the other is crystal and straight.

  • Factory Supply Handmade Potato Vermicelli

    Factory Supply Handmade Potato Vermicelli

    Potato vermicelli is a traditional Chinese food made from potato starch. It is a type of translucent and chewy vermicelli that can be used in a variety of dishes. We are offering a factory supply of handmade potato vermicelli!
    Our company was established in 2003 and has since been committed to offering customers traditional Chinese cuisine that’s handmade with skills passed down through generations. Our potato vermicelli is made from high-quality potato starch, carefully selected to ensure the best possible taste and texture. Our skilled workers use traditional methods to create each batch of vermicelli, ensuring that every strand is perfect.