How to Make Mung Bean Vermicelli

Mung Bean Vermicelli is made by adopting high quality mung beans and excellent water source, sufficient light, inheriting traditional craftsmanship and utilizing contemporary advanced equipment.

1. The mung beans are selected, washed and impregnated with water for 30~36 hours in winter and 15 hours in summer.

2. After maceration, grind them with stone mill. Raw soybean milk, if there is a lot of foam in the way of starch separation, can be used in a small amount of green oil, vegetable oil or green oil foot to remove the amount of oil foot for the mung beans, with a bamboo stick dipped in oil foot drops, and stir.

3. Put the raw soybean milk in the bag filter, bag filter products in the center of the long axis of the rope tied, one end of the rope hanging on the bamboo frame, hand-held end of the long axis, so that the bag filter shaking, so that the starch milk from the bag filter wash out. Wash out the starch milk poured into the tank, after precipitation, pour off the supernatant, then add water and stir. Wash the precipitation. Then filter the starch from the bag filter and dry it in the sun to six degrees.

4. the above semi-dry powder finely crushed, take 1/15, doubled cold water into powder water, powder water poured into the copper spoon containing boiling water, so that half of the spoon immersed in boiling water, stirring is a thin paste, this thin paste is poured into the 14/15 of the semi-dry powder, fully pinch and.

5. Pour this semi-fluid mixture into the “knock”, “knock” made of copper or iron, the bottom and play 15 cm, caliber 17 cm, 20 cm high, the bottom of which has a small round hole. One hand holding the “knock”, one hand “knock” hit the starch paste, the starch through the bottom of the hole into the filaments and out.

6. out of the filaments in boiling water to solidify, with bamboo chopsticks to take out of the dip in cold water for a few moments, and then put the starch precipitation on the clarification of the liquid within the wash, and then put on a bamboo pole to dry. 100 kg of mung beans can be made of 30 ~ 45 kg of vermicelli.

Post time: Jul-18-2023