How to choose pea vermicelli

Pea vermicelli is a traditional Chinese food, the vermicelli is dense and easy to store, it is one of the essential ingredients in many people’s home. High-quality pea vermicelli is made of pea starch and water without any additives, it is tasty and nutritious, it contains a variety of material ingredients needed by the human body, and it is a delicious dish on the table of the general public.

Good vermicelli to eat nutrition and delicious, so master some selection methods is necessary, specifically how to select it?

First of all, it is the hand feeling. Good pea vermicelli feels soft, flexible, uniform thickness, no parallel bars, no crunchy.

Secondly, smell. Take pea vermicelli and smell it directly, then soak the vermicelli in hot water for a few moments and then smell its odor. The smell and taste of good vermicelli are normal, without any odor. Poor quality fans often with moldy, sour and other foreign taste.

The third is the texture. Poor quality vermicelli has a “gritty” feeling when chewing, i.e. there is sand and soil. Generally, add flour or other low-value filler fans burn easy to produce protein combustion odor and smoke, add additives to the fans or not made with refined starch fans are not easy to burn and the residue is easy to get up hard clumps of particles.

The fourth is the color identification method. For the sensory identification of the color and luster of the vermicelli, the product can be directly observed under the bright light, and the good vermicelli should be white in color with luster. The poorer fans are slightly darker or slightly light brown, slightly shiny, poor-quality fans, vermicelli have gray color, no luster phenomenon.

For consumers, you should choose to buy from regular shopping centers and larger markets, large stores are more formal channels of purchase, more stringent checks on the purchase of goods. Observe whether the packaging is strong, neat and beautiful packaging should be labeled factory name, factory address, product name, production date, shelf life, ingredients and other content.

Post time: Jul-18-2023